Bust through Burnout to Resume Your Best Life Balance!

Are you crispy crunchy and just plain tired?

Stacy helps guide people to achieve their goals, faster, with ease

This 6 hour VIP Burnout2Balance Coaching Sequence will guide you in dealing with the factors that brought you to burnout, and re-connecting with your soul's inner desire for work-life balance.

Schedule a consultation and review the process with a Trained Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis and get ready to rekindle your life waiting inside you.

(Sessions can be split into 2 three hour or 4 ninety minute appointments depending on practitioner's availability).

***Sessions may not be rescheduled without approval by practitioner, and MUST be attended on time, and have required homework completion prior to each session, or risk forfieture of the rest of the session(s). Consultation fee is NOT Refundable, but can be applied to Burnout2Balance Sequence Payment.

Just who is this

🧭 Change Navigator™ & 🐿 Squirrel Wrangler™

... and how can she help me regain my Work-Life Balance and get out of Burnout?

because she has been there done that...

  • 25 plus years as a Clinical Therapist working with multiple ages, communities, and in different kinds of group scenarios.

  • 25 years Managing at least 4-6 major projects personally at any given time.

  • 40 plus years as a self proclaimed "Geek Girl" specializing in software to automate the mundane and repetitive so she can get more done and do more of what she loves (which is helping others do the same!)

  • Certified Master NLP, MER®, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, harnessing the power of our mind and language to reach goals we never thought we could reach.

  • Certified CORE™ Communications Trainer, teaching others how to "code" others to increase positive communications, outcomes, and more.

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Missouri Certified Women Owned Business
Missouri Certified Minority Owned Business
WBENC Certified Women Owned Business
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